Spring Went... Fast?

Well... colour me optimistic at all the lovely weather!

This week started with some hail and rain... and right now it's pretty grey out there! So to make the transition a little easier we've got a full rail of reduced sale jackets if you're looking to keep warm a little longer. So make sure to stop by the shop this week to take advantage of those!

Going forward into Spring weather we've had some amazing new Camel Mac Jackets arrive from Casual Friday too which you'll see this week displayed in our shop window. They're great for keeping that spring breeze off while sticking with a clean look! We've paired it with one of our awesome floral t-shirts and a pair of the new Laundered Flex Denim from Mish Mash to complete the outfit.


Fingers crossed the sun and warm weather come back pretty quickly but until then we can all wrap up, I've personally been pretty happy with my facemask as it's helping keep my face a little warmer! If you're looking for a darker jacket so you facemask doesn't stand out in contrast however the above jacket does also come in a Dark Navy Variant if you're seeking a more business forward look.

Whichever you choose, for only £109.99 you're getting on hell of a jacket! See you soon,