Eco Earth Day!

Earth Day is a wonderful time to start doing more for the environment!

Most people in Knutsford know that we try to do all we can for the environment, so much so that we’d reached out to many of the brands that supply us not only our wonderful clothing but unfortunately also our biggest supply of plastic waste... this season it’s been insanely refreshing to see that so many brands are using recycled plastic in their packing which we can now recycle again!

As you can see Casual Friday, one of our favourite current brands that have just sent us some stunning New T-Shirtshave made their packing from 100% recycled plastic! This is what we love to see!

It’s something so many more brands and shops are taking into account and I really do hope it’ll translate to all of our great customers. Because really, at the end of the day the Earth will be fine if we continue to ruin the environment... it’s us who’ll suffer. People are the things that are affected. The world will continue spinning in space, we just won’t be stuck to it’s surface drinking beer in the sun.

Scientists have found microplastic particles in everything around us... drinking water, sea salt and even the beer that we’re consuming. The plastic then accumulates in the human body in the lymph nodes and joints, awesome right? So next time someone gives you shit for caring about recycling point out that it’s not just the environment that gets worse... it’s us and even our kids that are eating and drinking the same microplastic. Biodegradable doesn’t mean the plastic goes away after some time either, it just means it breaks down into smaller and smaller fragments. Remember that!

This post isn’t all doom and gloom because like we can see from Our Clothing Range suppliers we are starting to see a shift in the way people go about their days in terms of recycling. Wash out your cans, wash out your (hopefully plastic free) beer bottles and clean off your plastic waste and get that shit recycled. It’s not hard!
Live by the mantra that if something takes less than two minutes to do, do it right away. Same goes for soaking a pan. You’re just being lazy.

Have a great week everyone, see you when you next stop by.