Can Denim Stretch...? Putting Stretch Denim To The Test!

The roar of the crowd should be a resounding YES!

You know I was as surprised as you (or as you will be) when I stepped into my first pair of denim jeans that had an early form of stretch. The level of comfort is genuinely surprising if you're used to heavy weight of denim and in comparison they made my old jeans seem like I'd been wearing pants carved from wood.

Over the past few years, obviously since starting Oliver Wild Menswear, I've tried various brands of denim from big labels to small indies and there are definitely a notable few that have stood out to me. However, right now I've got my heart set with Mish Mash and their offshoot brand Lot XX. To the point that I've honestly stopped wearing the rest of the jeans I own save for what I'd call my three pairs of "daily drivers". This in part could be caused by the lockdown which has only steeled my resolve to stick with something more comfortable! Sitting around in my wooden jeans just doesn't cut it!

Mish Mash Flex Hyperflex Denim Jeans Twilight Tapered Fit
- Mish Mash Twilight Flex - My current favourite pair of jeans!

The wonderful thing about the latest in stretch denim technology comes in the form of FLEX or HYPERFLEX. The fabric itself is a wonderful blend using a core of Elastane surrounded with Cotton allowing the weaved fabric to stretch however the way the latest form of this HyperFlex is formed means that the material will never sag and will always return to shape! Now that is a super important detail that you should be looking for with any stretch denim jeans that you decide to purchase. Even if it isn't from Oliver Wild Menswear! Make sure to ask if the jeans you're buying will keep their shape! There's nothing worse than jeans that sag around your thighs or on the ass. It can turn a pair of your favourite jeans to your least favourite very quickly. And what burns more is the price you'll have paid for them is likely waisted. That and you'll have to wash them more frequently to return them to shape meaning you'll also be doing more washing... not something any of us want in our busy lives!

You know it's strange how opposed some people are to having any form of stretch in their jeans. Maybe it's a fear that it's less masculine to have your legs experience any kind of comfort? You're not a man unless you're struggling right? WRONG. Have comfy legs. Trust me, you'll thank me.

- Mish Mash Flex Laundered - My NEXT Favourite Pair of Jeans

This week our latest denim colours arrived and it's been wonderful to finally stock the shop since the lockdowns began. After how popular the Twilight shade had been I thought we'd continue down that similar vein, however as Spring & Summer 2021 is upon us I thought it'd be nice to incorporate a rich blue tone into our jean selection. With the sun finally rearing it's head the light should pick out the blue and slight whiskering on the front of the jeans perfectly!